Association Justice et Misericorde

Risk Reduction

Work completed by AJAM at the Roumieh central prison

1- Awareness program in prison (for new prisoners who are entering and in particular those having committed crimes related to drugs):

• Individual consultation and counseling on the different programs available for drug control

• Evaluation of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI)

• Motivational interview

2- Legal interventions:

• Legal advice and representation

• Work on the reform of the Drugs Law in order to find alternatives to incarceration for drug use

3- Medical, psychological and social interventions:

 Prevention of infectious diseases:

• IEC (Information, Education and Communication) on HIV, Hepatitis B and C, STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), different interventions for risk reduction, tattoos

• VCT (voluntary counseling and testing of AIDS)

• Protection of MSM (Men having Sex with Men) and rape victims.

• Treatment of associated comorbidities:

• Treatment of psychological and psychiatric comorbidities

• Treatment of AIDS and Hepatitis C

• Cognitive behavioral rehabilitation centre for drug users at the Roumieh prison

• Launching of the OST (Opioid Substitution Treatment)

4- Continuation of care after being released:

• Support for a social and professional reintegration

• Association with existing drug control programs

• Drop-in centre

• Temporary accommodation

5- Research and training:

• Seminars and training to raise the awareness of decision-makers and professionals in the areas of health and justice

• Researches to obtain better operational results


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